Wisconsin Destination-Lakeside Park Lighthouse Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Lighthouse at Lakeside Park

Discovering the Lighthouse at Lakeside Park in Foud Du Lac Wisconsin

It’s funny how places that are so near to you, you never take advantage of. All it takes is some gas in the car and away you go!  So how is that for a cheap vacation!!

Wisconsin has an abundance of places you can visit all within a short drive of you home.  No messing with long lines in TSA at the airports! Or being stranded at the airport due to computer glitches, which is just what happend  to our guest yesterday when Southwest had to cancel a ton of flights and she ended up having to wait at the airport for her rescheduled flight some 20 hours later.  Unfortunately we had already made the nearly 3 hour drive home from taking her to the airport before we knew it was cancelled when we left her at the airport there was no indication that there was any issue with the flight. To me this is the downside of not being allowed to go past security and wait at the gate to see friends and family off.

Ok so I had to share that little story!  Anyway you can even map out some mini destinations and spend a week just picking one or two each day and go off and explore.

Which brings me to photos I took recently when we stopped at Lakeside Park in Foud Du Lac Wisconsin on the way home one Saturday afternoon from Sawdust Days in Oshkosh.  Strangely I had never actually gone up in the lighthouse before although I had been to the park many times.  It is a perfect backdrop for wedding photos, but this day there wasn’t anybody around! The park is located on Lake Winnebago.  This day the water was so blue.  Lake Winnebago is famous in winter, when sturgeon spearers flock here to snag one of those huge prehistoric fish.  Personally I’ll take the beauty of the water in summer!  Lakeside Park is much more than just the lighthouse though!  Ride the antique carousel and the mini train.  Come see for yourself sometime and take the steps up the lighthouse.  Just make sure you come during the day when it is open!!


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