Readers Block-Trying To Find My Reading Groove Again

I’m having a behavioral issue.  I can’t remember the last time that I was stuck and was having a hard time trying to stick with a book.  The last 2 books I have tried to read,  I just could not finish.  Very strange behavior indeed!  Maybe it has something to do with not feeling very settled myself.  Maybe it’s feeling a measure of guilt for reading purely for pleasure and not productive reading.  I think losing my job has really messed with my mind!

The likely reason is that I think I am in a reading rut.  I am having a hard time finding a great read that captures my undivided attention.  Does anybody else go through this? My reading tastes ride in waves, I go through a historical period, then it will be all non-fiction (usually when I need a happiness boost), then it will be all chick-lit, and if Paris is a subject in anyone of those-I’m hooked!  No such luck!  Even the last one was with Paris as the setting and still no go.  All this leaves me  pondering why this happens from time to time.  I know there is no shortage of great books to read out there.  Perhaps it depends on where we are at in our lives.  It can be a strange thing, almost a feeling of being lost if you are not on a “journey” with a good book. Something only we crazy book nerds understand.

What We Fins

Yesterday I picked up What We Find by Robyn Carr.  So far (I’m only on page 10) I have been able to feel a little more optimistic that I have my reading mojo back.  Reading those first few pages has captured my attention.  I’m not reading the same sentence over and over.  Perhaps I will finish this one and be able to write a review! Tonight I will sit down and dig into it.  Tomorrow it will either be on my pile to go back to the library or it will follow me in every room of the house where every spare moment my nose will be in it.  I am hoping the latter.  I need to go on a mini vacation,  the kind that only a book will take me on.

Since I am in need for some reading inspiration, please share in the comments a book that you have read recently that had you captivated.  Fiction or non-fiction, I’m not biased at all. I’m an equal opportunity reader!!

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