Purging My Book Stash

One of the hardest things for me to do is to go through and downsize my book collection.  I love having books around. The smell, colors, and access to all those printed words make me giddy with joy.

One of my goals in 2017 is to downsize and simplify my life. I got a burst of energy today when I got home from work and decided to tackle this one job.

Now mind you, I do not have a large collection of books by any means. Not like my daughter who has 3 floor to ceiling bookshelves full! I like to contain my books to only those that I love and want to return to. Most of these are non-fiction “self help” books that are inspiring or helpful books to guide me in health or business. For the most part if I buy fiction books, I put those on my Kindle app on my IPad.

So I started by gathering all my books and spreading them out on my bed. I picked each one up, looked at the jacket or cover,  determined if I have read it, and decided if I want to keep or donate. I then separated my keeps into catagories. Paris travel, French culture, health, lifestyle, uplifting, and blogging and writing books.

In the end I could only part with 12 books. The discards went in a box to take to my local donation center. A couple will go to friends I know will enjoy them. The keepers went back in my sacred bookshelf in my walk in closet. My closet is my one space in the house that is all mine. I have pictures I love hanging on the walls here.

These are my keepers that mean so much to me!

Mission accomplished! I am once again down to just the books I absolutely love. It always makes me feel a bit lighter when I go through and discard things I no longer need. Plus, it’s that much less to collect dust!!

Does anyone else have decluttering on their list of goals for 2017?

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