Trying A New Creative Outlet And Finding Your Passion After 50

What’s your favorite creative outlet?  Or, do you swear you don’t have a creative bone in your body?

If you’re like me, you may have always had something that you enjoyed to do (writing for me, mostly in journal form) but were really too busy to get serious about it.  Maybe you are a crocheter,  like to craft, or scrapbook.  In any case many of us suddenly find ourselves with more free time when we get older to pursue things we love to do.  The question is, what exactly is that thing?

I enjoy writing.  Lately I have been scribbling in my journal daily to figure things out.  I LOVE to write and share my thoughts and experiences on this blog.  I have even started writing a fiction book (I hesitate to even share this cause it somehow makes it real).  Even though I love to write and read and even take pictures, I have always been somewhat envious of those that can create using the canvas, some brushes, and paint.

Which is why  I decided to take my artist friend Shannon’s suggestion and try a little painting.  I had 4 days off from work this week and after buying all the supplies I needed, I gave painting a whirl.  Shannon’s one piece of advice was to have fun.  On Tuesday I found myself home alone so this was the perfect opportunity to go for it.  Shannon sent me a You Tube link to theartsherpa’s painting of the girl in the red dress and the Eiffel Tower (I know!  always a Paris connection in everything I do).  With my laptop sitting on my table I went to work or should I say went to fun, cause that is just what it was-fun.  I was amazed at how much fun it was to blend the paint and sweep the brush across the canvas and come out with a stormy sky.

It took  a huge chunk of the day to follow along to the video and I did have to paint over and redo my Eiffel Tower (I’m still not completely happy with it, but hey, it is my first time), but by late afternoon I was finished!  I stood back and admired my work.  Far from perfect, but I did it!  The best part was, I really enjoyed it.  I never thought I could do it, but seeing the finished product  even though it is far from being a masterpiece, it gave me a mini boost of confidence.  There is a ton of how too videos on You Tube for beginners.  If you’ve ever wanted to paint, just check it out.  They all have supply lists, so all you have to do is head to your local craft store and purchase what you need and paint away.

There are so many creative things you can try to find your passion.  Just head to your local craft fair, which are abundant this time of the year, and let your creative mind be open to ideas.  Many years ago when my daughter was about 12 years old, we would go down to the lake and collect flat smooth rocks. Then she would draw things on them and sell them at a flea market a couple of hours away from our home.  I had my own recycled purse business and we set up a little table for her to display her rocks and she would sell them!

The reason I shared that story was because creativity comes in all forms, you just have to find your thing.  I think the thing I loved about painting was it is right there immediately  visible and colorful, unlike the written word which takes time to process and appreciate.

Whether you choose to paint, write, make jewelry, paint rocks, make soap, or take pictures, try something and find out what makes your heart sing. If one thing doesn’t work try another. In the end that passion could become more than a creative outlet.  It could become an income! Like my friend Shannon who has turned her passion for painting into a business. If you love to do something, you will want to do it all the time and practice makes perfect!!


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  1. Carol ("Mimi") | 15th Feb 17

    I think your thoughts about creativity and aging are spot-on! I am so happy to be retired, now, and able to devote time to creative pastimes. I hope it will pay off in keeping me intellectually active as I age.

    • Lori Helke | 15th Feb 17

      It will Carol! What are you doing creatively? The key is to keep learning and growing as we grow older. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Vik | 15th Feb 17

    Midlife can be amazing time for women because we can finally focus on ourselves after raising a family, building a career, etc. It’s a great time to explore and find creative outlets. Good advice, here!

    • Lori Helke | 15th Feb 17

      So true Vikki! Thank you for the comment. Tell me, what is your creative outlet?

  3. bethhavey | 15th Feb 17

    Lori, this is great. I love that you are painting. I actually bought some acrylics and I painted one thing, framed it and it’s hanging in a bathroom!! But it’s hanging. My creative bent is writing, so I’m reworking and improving a novel that I wrote long ago. I actually have two more and after joining Women’s Fiction Writers Association, I am becoming a better writer. NOW IS THE TIME. Thanks, Beth

    • Lori Helke | 15th Feb 17

      Painting is quite fun isn’t it? Now is the time! Good luck on your book. That has always been a dream of mine. Someday!!

  4. Cathy | 16th Oct 17

    Where is your painting? Would love to see it.

    • Lori Helke | 17th Oct 17

      I will have to post it. I think I did on my Facebook page awhile ago.

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