Work On Beatrice’s Interior Begins! My Vintage Camper Redo

Work on my vintage camper AKA Beatrice is moving right along. We have been blessed with some fairly mild temperatures lately, so we have taken full advantage and continued work on Beatrice. So much so, that I predict if this pace continues, the interior will be finished by Spring and all that will be left is the exterior paint job and some last minute touches.

I can’t tell you how excited I am. Especially after the last week. I was lucky enough to have a full day off where I was able to help Rick and we finished the wood paneling in the interior and started the wood trim to cover all the seams.

But first where I left off from my last update

We decided to use spray foam for the insulation.  Originally we thought one kit would do the job, but after Rick sprayed it on, he quickly realized another kit had to be purchased.  At $350 a kit it was a steep expense, but since I would be using her year round, she needed to be well insulated to withstand the cold Wisconsin temps. Even with the application of the second kit, there were still places that were sparce. It would have to do.

Spray foam insulation complete! What a job that was!

Once the insulation was finished, then came picking out and installing the wood paneling. I choose a raw wood for the ceiling which will be primed and painted white. For the side walls, I choose a paintable tongue and groove like paneling. The walls will be painted a light gray. Before the paneling was to be installed I had to pick out the lights for the interior. We choose 2 recessed small low profile LED’s and for above the front table and above the back lounge/bed area, I choose hanging vintage look cage lights using the old fashioned Westinghouse bulbs. I loved the vintage feel and warm light they would give off. You’ll have to wait till the end to get a peak at them!

Next came the electrical. I never realized how much thought goes into wiring such a small place, but the outlets and switches along with the lights had to be in just the right place. The main box would be located inside the cabinet. I also want the comfort of an air conditioner, so we needed to have wiring to the floor to ceiling cabinet located on the door side.  The plan was to put a mini air conditioner unit inside the cabinet.

Begining of installation of the wood panel ceiling
Wiring has begun. Why is it so complicated to wire such a tiny space?
Interior paneling is installed. Time for the finish trim to cover all the seams!
Putting in the electrical boxes for the light switch. Not so easy to find these low profile boxes.
Wall trim is almost finished, the shelf above the table area is built and needs to be finished. The best part, the shelf serves as a great place to put all the tools!! Subfloor is installed.
Soon we will be ready to prime and paint and install the gray flooring!
I can’t tell you how excited I am now that it looks like an actual space! This will be the perfect she shed for me!!

So this is were we are at with Beatrice! Now is where my work comes in. Painting, deciding what size mini fridge I want and looking for fabrics for the cushions and window treatments. I plan on sewing my own window curtains. At the rate we are going we will be ahead of a spring time finish. I’m temped to get out the air mattress and sleeping bag and testing her out for a night!

I can’t wait to share her with you!

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And..if you haven’t seen my TV interview on Local 5 Live a morning show out of Green Bay, Wisconsin yet, you can view the video in the sidebar!


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  1. Paulette | 29th Jan 18

    Wow what a transformation! Your lucky your hubby is so handy!

    • Lori Helke | 29th Jan 18

      It is so exciting!! It’s gonna be so cute!

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