Walking For Organ Donation

Erin, Me, and Becky after the 2.5 mile walk

Are you a registered organ donor?  I never really thought about the impact that orange dot can have on others lives until I heard my friend Erin’s story.

My friend Erin had a liver transplant almost 26 years ago.  Being that she was a local news celebrity, I remember vaguely watching her story unfold in a public way as she lived out her health issues and her resulting transplant on the local news.

It wasn’t until years later when I actually met Erin as she hosted the Paris trip I was on and heard her talking about her transplant experience at a Women’s Day Out seminar a few months later did I really think more about that orange dot that I put on my licence

In the five years since I have met Erin, I became close friends with her, so last year when she hosted a Northeastern Wisconsin Donate Life Walk at Bay View Middle School in Howard, Wisconsin in April I wanted to support her, the donors, and all other recipients and join in the walk to raise money. Hearing the stories, tragic endings of a life, the brave decisions by those families and also living donors to give the gift of life by donating organs and tissue, and the grateful recipients that have had their lives saved through the pure generosity of donors and their families, had an impact on me.

The ribbon cutting

Yesterday was the second time I participated, along with my friend Becky, in the walk.  Erin again was the host as she is a tireless spokesperson for tissue and organ donation.  It was a cold day, but the sun was shining bright and as we walked around reading the stories of local donors and recipients again this year I realized how thankful I am to be in good health and how proud I am that I am a registered donor. If something happens to me It is comforting knowing that if able my organs can go to someone who needs them to survive.  The ultimate gift of life!

It sure was a cold day, but the sun was shining!

If you are not already, please become a registered donor.  Many lives depend on donors to to give the gift of life.  Go to Donate Life America to register or get more information.  If you are in Wisconsin, go to Donate Life Wisconsin for stories of hope and more information.

It ended up being a great day.  After the walk the three of us went and had a nice lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots Plae Bistro in Green Bay.  I could not have asked for a more rewarding day to spend with great friends for a great cause.




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