Time To Yourself Is A Good Thing

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Getting crafty!  The actual wreath I made

What would you do if you had 2 days to yourself?

The  hubby and daughter left early Saturday morning for an overnight trip to the western part of Wisconsin where they have a hunting shack on land they lease from a farmer.

What does this mean for me? Time to myself at home with absolutely no plans to go anywhere (on purpose) except to run and buy supplies for my weekend project and take the dog for a couple long walks.

Now, I love my family with all my heart, but I thoroughly enjoy having time to myself too.  There is nothing like cranking up the music I love and dancing and singing to my hearts content and no one to laugh at me!

Saturday was a cleaning fest.  Since it was the first nice weekend in Wisconsin, I opened up all the windows and let the fresh air in the entire house. Now, cleaning is usually a chore that you rush through, and you hope Aunt Sally doesn’t come over wearing her white gloves to examine how well you dust!  This day I took my time and moved everything when I dusted!  The kitchen was my focus, wiping cabinet doors, cleaning the hanging pot rack, and removing and washing the decorative stuff I have on the top of my cabinets.


After 6 hours of cleaning, I took Zoe for a walk, took a shower and went to Hobby Lobby to buy the supplies I needed to make a wreath for the front door which I was gonna tackle on Sunday but I felt so energized when I got home that I made it that night!

After that I had to call it a night. Time for reading time and a little HGTV and to bed with Zoe curled up next to me.

This morning when I woke up and rolled out of bed, I realized I may have overdone the cleaning a little.  I didn’t realize the toll all that climbing up onto the counters to reach everything was gonna take on me. Sometimes I forget that I’m not as limber as I used to be. I’m very glad I finished that wreath last night cause I think today I have just enough energy to take Zoe for another walk!away-240663_1280

Which brings me back to the purpose of this post.  Sometimes we need time to ourselves to recharge our batteries.  In this case I was able to do a few things that make me feel good.  Usually cleaning is a chore, but sometimes really digging in can be therapeutic for me.  Even better when you can crank your favorite music! On the same note, I always loved being crafty and making things. Making the wreath for my front door yesterday may have cost me more in dollars than I intended, but in the end the satisfaction that comes from doing something yourself in priceless!

It’s all about doing what makes you happy.  Sometimes to have a couple of days to yourself is a very good thing. Usually if I have free time on the weekends I tend to plan outings with friends or am going places and doing things with the family. This weekend was all about solitude on purpose.


So I really am curious-if you had 2 days to yourself, what would you do?


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