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Let There Be Light! My Vintage Camper Gets Lit Up!

I am so excited!!! I could not wait to share this with everyone! Today is a milestone in our vintage camper/she shed renovation. I have lights!!! This may be a minor thing to everyone else, but to me, this is a HUGE thing. Rick spent today hanging and hooking up my lights while I went out choosing a fabric to make my curtains. I headed to my nearest Jo-Ann Fabrics. Two hours later…

Work On Beatrice’s Interior Begins! My Vintage Camper Redo

Work on my vintage camper AKA Beatrice is moving right along. We have been blessed with some fairly mild temperatures lately, so we have taken full advantage and continued work on Beatrice. So much so, that I predict if this pace continues, the interior will be finished by Spring and all that will be left is the exterior paint job and some last minute touches. I can’t tell you how excited I am…

5 Things I Did In 2017 That Made My Year Fabulous (AKA My Year In Review)

Wow! Can you believe it? We are saying goodbye to another year. It’s true, the older you get, the more time flies. It been a rollercoaster of a ride this year. If someone would have told me just a year ago that I would have done all the things I did this past year I would not have believed it. About the only downside (or upside financially) for my blogging and travel opportunities…

Update On Beatrice AKA My Vintage Camper/She Shed

Mild temps helped to get some more work done on Beatrice With the Deer Hunting season over and mild temps up until this week, we were able to make more progress on the Beatrice renovation project. A big hurdle we had was the new window in the front leaking after we installed it. The first issue we had, being inexperienced, we discovered that the window we bought was a vertical window.  The main problem with…

My She Shed/Vintage Camper Redo Part 2

The real work begins We are a few weeks into my she shed/vintage camper renovation and it is going surprisingly well considering this is the first time we are tackling a project like this.  Rick has already spent countless hours not only physically working on her, but also researching and ordering parts, running to get supplies, and watching TONS of videos. He has put in the bulk of the work while I’ve…

My She Shed-Vintage Camper Redo

Last weekend my hubby surprised me by announcing that my she shed dreams are about to come true. He didn’t just blurt this out, he took me out to eat after a long day at work and said he had a surprise for me. Immediately my mind goes into overdrive.  What can this be?  Knowing my hubby, it can mean anything.  He has a knack for surprising me with things…

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