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365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

  Today’s question is an easy one! It’s Sunday after all so there a few ways you can answer but here’s mine! January 4. What’s the best part of today? The best part of today is, since it’s Sunday and most people are returning to a full work schedule (including me), is having one more day to rest and recharge. This is especially true for me since I have had one nasty cold/flu the past week. Added is the fact that it is snowy and cold outside so it…

365 Questions-365 Answers-365 Days

    This little book and my New Years resolution to write everyday gave me an idea earlier today.  Starting a blog isn’t always easy. I love to write and wanted to share the things I have to say to the blogosphere, but I don’t always have the easiest time coming up with things to write about. I bought this journal sometime last year and put it in my closet and basically forgot about it till New Years Day when I dug it out and decided to utilize it.  The idea behind this is each day…

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