Surviving Your Child’s Graduation

My one and only child just graduated from High School on Sunday. I actually got through it using only one Kleenex. This was quite the feat considering I was scared that since I am an emotional person I thought I would be that sobbing Mom that totally embarrasses her daughter.
Yes I did shed some tears when the school principal got up and talked about how proud he was of this class and how this class was the one to earn the highest ACT scores in the area. Yes I did shed some tears when my daughter marched into the gym when Pomp And Circumstance was being played by the band. Yes I did shed some tears, but I got through it by really seeing my daughter for the beautiful, smart, accomplished young lady that she is.
What really got me through was knowing that she is now standing on the threshold of her life where she has control of the rains and she can steer herself in any direction she chooses. At this point she has an incredibly bright future. As a parent, you know your job is never done and you never stop worrying, but it’s a good feeling knowing that she has some good tools to help her find her way on her own.
I was talking with my Mom today and she was saying how it seems the young adults these days are not afraid to do things and see places that they want to. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that it has always been my dream to give her the right amount of fearlessness to grab life by the horns and be who she wanted to be.
So I did survive my daughters High School graduation by thinking how excited I am for her to begin the next phase of her life and continue to become the person she is meant to be.

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