Slipping On My Resolution Of Writing Everyday

Do any of my fellow begining blog writers have this problem?  You vow to write everyday, every week, or a few times a week but find that you let time slip by and before you know it weeks go by.  That’s me right now.  I let life get in the way. I work full time as a manager and it has been a stressful few weeks there, plus planning for our New Orleans/cruise vacation has taken up so much time that I have pushed something that I love to do to the back burner. 

This compounded with my second guessing myself.  A few questions keep rolling around in my head such as…

  • Does anyone really care about my answers to 365 questions?
  • Do I really need to write down my thoughts or life experiences for all the world to see?
  • Can anyone really relate to a 50-something small town gal?

In the end I think most of us write-or start out writing for ourselves thinking that no one else will want to read what we write.  Is it a writers lack of self confidence that causes us to question what we do? I’ve never been the most self confident person.  I go through cycles where I say to myself “who cares” when in fact I do care and feel guilty with each passing day that I fail to write even one word.  Years ago I was an avid everyday journal writer.  I wrote EVERYDAY and not just one sentence, it was whole pages of my deepest thoughts.  I had notebooks full.  Unfortunately I never wanted anyone to read those pages since it was an extremely difficult time in my life, so I burned everyone of those notebooks.  

So what is a writer suppose to do?

My answer will be to just keep going.  I’m thinking I am not the only writer out there that lets life get in the way of their writing.  I will continue to write for myself and hope that I can turn this into a habit that people like me will want to read and hopefully get something out of it.  

And really if I’m the only one that takes pleasure from my writing then that’s ok too.

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