My She Shed/Vintage Camper Has A Name!!

I’ve thought long and hard about a name for mon petite chateau-AKA my she shed/vintage camper. Due to my love of all things French, I had to give it some kind of French name.  I did consider going with Mon Petite Chateau in the beginning, but decided she needed an actual name.

Last week I Googled French names and their meaning.  A host of links came up and clicking on one, I scrolled down to find a name with a meaning that clicked.

I went through this process once before.  Five years ago when we adopted our rescue dog Zoe, I did the same thing. Searched for a French name for her.  I wanted Bijou (French for jewel), but I was faced with severe objection from the other two members of my family. The other name I found was Zoe. Zoe means “life” in French.  I got the two thumbs up from the family, so Zoe it was.

Giving my she shed on wheels a name was an important thing to me.  I wasn’t about to continue calling her my she shed/vintage camper.  Kind of a pain to continually write all that.


I hereby proclaim my she shed/vintage camper to be called from hear on out (queue the clinking of champagne glasses!)

What do you think?

I was instantly taken to the French name Beatrice as soon as I saw the meaning.  The French meaning of Beatrice means voyager or traveller!  This is perfect for so many reasons! First, the obvious, perfect for a travel blogger. Not only cause I love to travel, but life is one big voyage that I try to live to the fullest everyday. I live by that now in my 50’s more so than I ever did before.

One more step in this adventure complete!

In other Beatrice news, We installed the new front window this past weekend.  What we thought would just take a couple of hours turned out to be a full day job.  In the end, it turned out great!

Also, I finally brought in the original stovetop and sink and cleaned them up today. Underneath all that dirt revealed a sink and stovetop with minimal scratches and a still shiny finish! Really the only fault is the gouge in the sink, but in the end not too bad considering how old they are!

Aren’t they just gleaming!

Rick joked many times how if things go wrong during the renovation, she would end up on the free pile. I think we are over the hardest of the renovation.

I’m thinking that shes a keeper!!



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