Sharpening My Time Management Skills

It’s August and the summer is slipping through my hands.  I have not been able to get a grip on my daily schedule since June when I stopped working.  This is not good for someone like me that likes organization. I decided it was time to put my time management skills at work and at least set some kind of schedule for myself.  Since I will be working part time for awhile, I need to put more structure into my day.

Sitting down with pen and paper I came up with a list of daily must do’s. This is my first step in time management. These things are on my list now because they serve a purpose for short and long term goals.  These items don’t necessarily have to take up more that an hour or two (sometimes a few moments), but they are daily tasks that are important to me.


These tasks are:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Walking and some strength training or yoga
  • Eating at least one apple (hard for someone who is not a fruit eater, but I find apples to be a big tool in helping me lose weight)
  • Working on social media platforms for my blog and Hubby’s business
  • Taking my daily French lessons

The French lessons via Rosetta Stone are for learning a bit of French when I go to Paris.  I would like to continue after my trip, but realistically that may not happen.

These are things I WANT to do everyday besides the normal daily household chores like laundry and cooking meals or weekly chores like cleaning, shopping, and other things I fit into my days.  The reading is usually my last thing of the day and considered a wind down before bed.

So next I have to assign a time frame for each of these.

  • Writing-At least one hour
  • Reading-one hour before bed
  • Exercise-45 minutes to an hour
  • Eating an apple-Five minutes
  • Social media promotion-One to two hours
  • French lessons-One hour

All this adds up to around 5 hours. Plenty of time to accomplish in the course of a day.  I should have no reason not to get on a schedule and complete these tasks daily.  Truth is, life gets in the way.  Things come up that you don’t plan for but this should give me a great starting point.  If I need to be gone for a good chunk of the day with hubby installing dog fences or other things, I just do shorter versions of each task.

Sometimes half the battle in organizing your day is sitting down and figuring out those things that are requirements.  Once I am working full time again I will have to reevaluate what direction my life is going in. What can I compromise on? Can I give something up? What tasks are non-negotiable?

Do you feel like you have no control over your day? Is there something you do that is a habit and non productive? Can you give that up?  Write down you daily must do’s.  Sometimes seeing things on paper can help take control of our lives. We all have time management skills.  Most of all give yourself some time each day for self-care.  For me writing and reading is a way to take care of myself.  If we take care of ourselves chances are we will lead happier lives!

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