Planning For Paris-Planning An Itinerary

My trip to Paris is less than a month and a half away and I have been busy making out a must see/do list. Studying maps, metro lines, checking out cafes near our rented apartment, and getting a packing list together. I always say half the fun of going on a trip is the planning. I’m at my happiest when I have a table full of maps and guides laid out in front of me. Plus, since I sprained my ankle late last week and am somewhat immobile, it’s a perfect time to really dig into all that info to plan the perfect trip to Paris.


Planning Things To Do In Paris

After talking with my travel buddy Renee, who by the way I think will be the most flexible travel companion ever, I came up with a list of must-dos for this trip.

  1. Visit the Eiffel Tower – Of course that is a must do no matter how many times you’ve been to Paris.
  2. Do a wine tasting-We are in Paris for heaven sake.
  3. Pere Lachaise cemetery-Even a dead Jim Morrison has a certain sexy magnetism.
  4. Versailles-The ultimate in historical royalty excess.
  5. Musee Orsay-The only must do on the museum list.  The Orsay houses my favorite art era.
  6. Eating lots of good food-AKA eating lots of delectable pastries. I give myself permission to do this since I plan on walking at least 6 miles everyday and will actually lose weight when I am in Paris.
  7. Strolling our neighborhood-We are staying in the 6th near the Seine, so we are central to all the main sights.
  8. St Etienne du Mont-This is the church that Owen Wilson character waited at to be whisked away to his time travel adventures in Midnight In Paris my favorite movie of all time.
  9. Going to a Marche or visiting a market street such as Rue Cler-So we can pretend we are a local for a week.
  10. Absorb some of that French style-A bit of shopping and bringing home some treasures may do this. Or I think lots of cafe sitting and observing the tres chic Parisians walking by are a better idea.

So, that is our list of must dos.  There are also a few others that would be great to do like Notre Dame, Mountmartre, and a Seine River Cruise.  We don’t want to make a too rigid schedule. The point is to not get too stressed trying to fit it all in.  It’s impossible to see everything so everything that we plan  will be flexible.  The exception being the Eiffel Tower. I want to make reservations to skip the line there.


Travel Is About Savoring The Experience

After all isn’t Paris a city to savor? I highly recommend that when you plan a trip on your own, give yourself some breathing space.  Make out a list divided into must dos, and only if we time to do.  You can drive yourself crazy if you think with the mindset that “I’m in Paris so I have to see Mona Lisa although I don’t really care about art, just so I can say I saw her”. Travel is more about experiencing your surroundings with all your senses and not just your eyes. That can’t be done if you are so busy running from one sight to another.

How do you plan when you take a trip? Do you love to research or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants traveler? If you travel as a family, do you do all the planning? Share your favorite destinations in the comments below.


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