A Night At Turner Hall Ballroom With Da “Manitowoc Minute” Guy Charlie Berens

Have you seen da Manitowoc Minute?

We Wisconsinites love poking fun at ourselves and we love poking fun at our neighbors to the south even more (Especially when it comes to the classic Packer-Bear football rivalry).

There was plenty of that fun to go around Thursday night at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee when we had tickets for a sold out show to see da “Manitowoc Minute” guy Charlie Berens.

It was the first time I  had been in Turner Hall. What a cool place to see a show. Lots of history in this building! In the back of the ballroom was a full bar.  Although there were chairs set up on the floor, there was plenty of room to stand at the back. Instead of sitting on the floor level, we choose to sit upstairs in the balcony to have a great view of the stage. Before the show, we enjoyed reading all the carvings in the wood on the railing. Even a 1912 carving! I would highly recommend catching a show at here.

If you’re not familiar with Charlie Berens just go to his Facebook page and watch some of his famous weekly parodies of the news with a Wisconsin flair known as the “Manitowoc Minute”

It’s funny stuff, how he does his exaggerated Wisconsin accent. In my house you can find both hubby and I LOLing once a week when the “Minute” video comes out.

A native of Elm Grove Wisconsin, Charlie has a made quite the name for himself with da “Manitowoc Minute.” He actually studied Broadcast Journalism at UW-Madison, and touches on in the show how his accent wasn’t necessarily an asset to that journalism career.

So why not take that accent and add to it to to create a character to make people laugh? Perhaps only those of us from the midwest will find the humor in all this, but judging from the number of times his videos have been viewed and the number of followers he has on social media since he began “Minute” in June, It’s quickly catching on in the rest of the country.

There was certainly no shortage of that Wisconsin accent, unique terminology, and Illinois jokes. He revealed that much of the inspiration behind his character was watching local fishing shows such as Babe Winkleman. He talked about his super sized family and how he “stole”his signature camo jacket from his Dad. He kept the audience laughing using a mix of song, videos, and stand up using his famous catch phrases such as “keep er moving,” “geez Louise,” and “Go Packers and f*** the Bears”

In fact, you would never know that he had only done stand up a handful of times before Thursday nights show.

All in all, the night was well worth the $15 ($20 with added fees) general admission ticket.  And who doesn’t need a little laugh now and them. If you want to join in the fun and see Charlie Berens in person check out his tour dates and other info here

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