Finding Answers In Mindfulness

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a set of Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson.  In an effort to figure out my next step in a more fulfilling life and after reading my friend Barbara Techel’s book Wisdom In The PauseI decided to give them a try.  Although you can use them any way you like, I like to shuffle the deck and draw a card everyday.  That card serves as a “mantra” for my day.  If I am struggling with something I will ask a question, draw a card, and let the card guide me to the answer.

Today’s card was Mindfulness. The back of the card reads:

Manage your mind.  When we direct our thoughts and words toward the outcome we most desire, we ignite grace.

What exactly does mindfulness mean?

Well as any present day computer savvy person would do I googled it and this is the first definition that came up.

the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

When we are young we never really stop long enough to practice mindfulness.  We basically are on autopilot.  One day you graduate from High School, then possibly College or you go directly into the workforce.  You maybe get married, start a family and the next several years are spent worrying about how your gonna work all day, get the kids to soccer practice and get a somewhat healthy dinner on the table.

Then comes the time of your life when the kids are all grown up and you can take a deep breath and practice this thing we call mindfulness.  Mindfulness to me is as simple as just letting your mind and body be quiet so you can really focus on the thoughts that are drifting in.

At this stage of life many of us are looking for a new direction.  We’ve spent all those years being wives, career women, and mothers that we hardly know what it is we want for our middle age or retirement years.  Mindfulness may be able to to help you find the answers that you were looking for. Your may find the same thoughts drift into your mind over and over.  Don’t push them aside because they may be trying to tell you something.

Drawing the mindfulness card today reminded me to just sit and be quiet for awhile.  This in turn helped me to find the words to write this blog post.  This is a good thing since I have been having a bit of writers block lately!

I absolutely love these Grace Cards and each day as I draw one it gives me direction for the day.  I have found them to be almost meditative.

If you are interested, you can find Cheryl Richardson’s Grace Cards on her website here


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  1. Paulette | 14th Nov 16

    I understand every word you are saying. It all is very true and at this time in our lives it should be ..slow down enjoy every day God gives us. No more crazy hustle bustle. Time for us to enjoy! Bravo!

    • Lori Helke | 15th Nov 16

      Yes, time to do things we love. Thank you!!! Thank you for reading my posts!!

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