Ice Formations Along Lake Michigan In Milwaukee (photos)

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Traveling to Milwaukee on Friday to the Milwaukee Art Museum lead Megan and I to a (somewhat) surprising discovery.

Instead of taking the interstate to downtown, I decided to take the scenic route instead.  We got off at Brown Deer and followed highway 32 along the lake shore. It is actually a beautiful drive and I wanted to take Megan on that route to see the beautiful houses that line the lake shore at Fox Point and south into the city.

Turning left onto North Lincoln Memorial Drive on our way to the museum, we spotted a cool sight.  Just north of Bradford Beach we spotted some interesting ice formations along the shore. There were a few cars parked and people with cameras, so I said we will need to stop on our way back from our day at the Museum.

It was mid afternoon when we we pulled over and got out to take in the sight!

Due to the insanely cold temps Wisconsin has had the last week or so and with the waves hitting the shore , ice had formed on the small trees dotting the lake shore. It was a beautiful sight made even more breathtaking with the blue sky backdrop and the sound of the waves crashing the shore.

Luckily I had my new camera along and I was able to snap some pictures and decided to share them with you! You can go to my Facebook page and find the little video I posted of the scene.

This just goes to show that you never know what you come upon and when you find something unexpected, it’s nice to take a moment and savor it.

It was way too cold out to spend anymore than a few minutes taking the scene in, but I sure was glad we stopped.

Sometimes I curse our Wisconsin winters. I don’t mind the snow too much, but hate the cold. Seeing this was a welcomed bright spot during one of the worst cold spells that I can remember.

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