Whew! I’m Finally Getting My New Job

I’m proof positive that if you are forced to start over in a new job after age 50 you can do it.

I’ve had a tough road the last few months starting a new job for the USPS. There were many days that I wanted to give up thinking I just could not do it, but 2 weeks ago I did one of the rural routes from start to finish!  That means getting the route ready- parcels and all  on my own with no help.  I came home that day with an incredible sense of relief.  I felt like I had finally turned the corner.

Yesterday I had my first performance review and it only added to my confidence.  It was a glowing report and as I expressed my doubts to the Postmaster, she reassured me I am doing fine and she told me she would not let me quit!

Yes, this has not been easy. There was no way I was gonna give up without a fight.  Maybe It’s just me, but the harder it was for me to learn this job, the more determined I became.  I was my own worst critic and I found I was just being too hard on myself. It just seemed like I just could not learn everything I needed to know fast enough.  Then I remembered that it took me about 6 months to learn the basics when I began my last job 32 years ago.  We tend to forget that things do not happen overnight. Every time I got down on myself, I would think about that to give myself a break.

We live in a world where total job security is a thing of the past.  Your life can change in an instant. My advice to anyone forced with facing beginning a new job at midlife is give yourself a break.  It’s far from easy.  The positive is that life is always changing, it’s a good thing to adapt to those changes with an open mind, some self love, and a bit of determination.

I think I am going to be OK.  All jobs are stressful at times,  I find my new coworkers are more than supportive. It is nice getting to know a new group of people and I enjoy getting to see the customers on the route. I’m at a place of peace with my new life.  It has taken me 6 months and I do have some more things to figure out, but 2017 is going to be a fabulous year for this 53 year old girl to shine!!



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  1. Paulette | 9th Dec 16

    Bravo! I knew you would survive!

    • Lori Helke | 9th Dec 16

      I am feeling so much better now!! Thank you! 🙂

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