Foodie Friday- Purple Door Ice Cream Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In case you can’t tell by now, I have a real sweet tooth!  I love sweet treats and one of them…ice cream! So when I recently spent a day in Milwaukee for my 7 Wisconsin road trips in 7 days, Purple Door Ice Cream was on my list of places I HAD to visit.

It was a good thing I parked in a lot near the Hilton on Wisconsin Avenue and spent the day walking, cause after my Purple Door indulgence, I definitely needed to reverse the effects of the ice cream deliciousness I sampled.

Beer and Pretzel ice cream?

Purple Door Ice Cream is located at 205 South 2nd. Street in Milwaukee.  This ice cream shop is unique because of the crazy off-the-wall flavors they offer. You will certainly not find flavors such as Whiskey, Beer and Pretzels, and Brandy Old Fashioned at your local Dairy Queen, but you will find then at Purple Door. This is artisan ice cream at it’s finest.

Purple Door Ice Cream is the brainchild of Lauren and Steve Schultz.  In 2011 they made Lauren’s childhood dream of opening an ice cream business a  reality when they began wholesaling their small batch ice creams to local grocers and restaurants. Six years later, they not only continue selling to grocers and restaurants, but also  supplies caterers and have their own retail store offering 20 different flavors to faithful ice cream fans of all ages. Using locally sourced ingredients, such as milk and cream from Wisconsin dairies, and high quality cocoa, teas, liquors, and seasonal fruits, they make their 14 % buttercream ice cream worth the visit on a hot summer day…or any day really.

Being socially conscience, Purple Door goes the extra mile in only supplying fully combustible spoons and cups at the retail location. Not only that, but they are part of the Milk For Milwaukee initiative which provides milk for homeless shelters in the Milwaukee area.

I’ll have a flight please!

Which brings me to my visit.  It was a warm June day and as I walked up to Purple Door I noticed all the outside tables were full.  Entering the front door, there was a nice line and most of the tables inside were full as well.  I was happy for the line to order because from what I saw on the menu board, I was going to have a hard time deciding which flavor I would try. I had read that you could order a “flight” ($6.16) which is a one scoop size sampling of 4 different flavors.  I looked around and saw some groups of families were enjoying a flight. When it was my time to order, I took the leap and ordered a flight for myself! I could not decide which flavor I wanted, so what the heck! I’m all in as far as ice cream is concerned. The person who took my order chuckled a bit and I’m secretly thinking that I’m sure I am not the only single person who has done this. After all, my job as a travel writer is going all out for an experience to share with my readers!!

The four flavors I settled on were, Jelly Donut, Arnie Palmer, Bourbon Praline Pecan, and Salted Caramel. Not necessarily flavors that are way out there like the Beer and Pretzels and Juniper Lime with Gin. I thought the Arnie Palmer and Jelly Donut were as far as I was going to teeter on the brink of craziness this time around.

And my favorite flavor is…

I have to honestly say, I really loved each one, but my favorite was the Bourbon Praline Pecan.  I loved the slight bourbon taste along with the praline made for a tasty combination.  The Arnie Palmer tasted just like an…Arnold Palmer with the lemonade and tea flavors, very refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.  Of course the Salted Caramel was soooo good. Who doesn’t love salted caramel! I was pleasantly surprised with the Jelly Donut.  It was very good with nice chunks of…yes, jelly donut. As far as ice cream is concerned, sitting at my window seat inside Purple Door I found out what all the buzz was about.  I’ve had ice cream many times before, but I loved Purple Door’s creaminess and fun flavors.  It was definitely worth it to have put this on my list of places to visit during this stop in Milwaukee.

In the end Purple Door Ice Cream is a fun place to try out some crazy or not so crazy flavors of ice cream.  The kids will love it, the adults will enjoy the “adult” flavors, and eco-friendly atmosphere. I know for a fact that this midlife solo female travel blogger will go back next time she’s in Milwaukee for more flavor adventures!

I am totally enjoying my ice cream!

Just in case you cannot get to Milwaukee, you can order Purple Door pints online here!

Purple Door Ice Cream shop is open everyday

Sunday 11am-10pm

Monday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm

Friday and Saturday 11am-10:30pm

Let me know your favorite place for ice cream in the comments!

Thanks for reading!!


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  1. Paulette Hausler | 14th Jul 17

    I think I gotta go there and eat a whole gallon!

    • Lori Helke | 15th Jul 17

      Ha! Me too!!

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