Life Is Ok In The Empty Nest

Honestly I thought I would have a harder time adjusting to an empty nest after my daughter left home for her first year of College. Not to say I don’t miss her, I do, but I’m getting used to her being away.  It’s a great feeling knowing she is in charge of herself and her new life as a College student.  She is adjusting well and making friends and not one bit homesick.  That has probably helped me adjust to my new life as well. Adjusting to an empty nest is a challenge for parents.  In my view, now is the time when we as empty nesters can rediscover life as we once knew it.  We spend all those years guiding and nurturing our children and many of us are left lonely and asking “what’s next” when they leave home for the first time.  Hopefully once we get over the shock of a quiet household, we are free to discover where the next phase in life will take us.

My life is beginning to settle down from months of a roller coaster ride.  I am beginning to adjust to a new job along with an empty nest.  It has left me with time to look within myself for answers to that question of what’s next.  Now is the time to dive into hobbies that we have been wanting to get into.  I myself have really began writing with more conviction.  I even started working on a life-long dream of writing a book.  If it ever amounts to anything, who knows, but I started my first sentences and after spending years thinking about it, it is starting that is half the battle. I’m even gonna try my hand at painting. Whatever it is you decide to do, have fun with it!

Life is good as an empty nester.  I have even stopped texting my daughter everyday.  Now I just check in once a week unless something comes up.  She’s busy studying and living her life and she knows I am here if she needs me at anytime.

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  1. Paulette Hausler | 3rd Nov 16

    You got it now ! You all will survive we all do. You are right new hobbies..crafts..whatever it takes to enjoy life. You are still needed one way or another.

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