Dr. Seuss Captured The Meaning Of Graduation

“You’re off to great places!

Today is your day!

Your Mountain is waiting, so…..get on your way!”

This line from the famous Dr. Seuss book Oh, The Places You”ll Go sums up graduation in a nutshell.  The end of those 13 plus years of school.  The end of one phase of life and the beginning of adulthood.  As a parent, you are hoping that you have given your child the tools to continue on with their life and make the right decisions for themselves.

Searching Pinterest for graduation party ideas awhile ago there was a pin using this book as a guestbook where your guests could sign in and if they wanted, could include advice for the graduate. When my daughter and I went in a local bookshop called Book Heads Book Store   in Plymouth, WI last Saturday and saw Oh, The Places You’ll Go on the shelf I asked Megan if she thought this would be a cool idea for her party.  Of course as an avid reader she liked the idea and we purchased the book. After the bookstore I waited for Megan to get her hair done for her last prom and I opened the book and read it.  It is full of great words about beginning the journey of life.

There’s plenty of open space in the book for your guests to write in, and my guess is this will be much more of a keepsake than the basic guestbook.  I will add Megan’s graduation picture on the inside for an extra special touch.

So if you are looking for an awesome graduation party idea that will become a great keepsake for the day, purchase this book and use it as a guestbook.

“You’ll be on your way up

You’ll be seeing great sights

You’ll join the high fliers

Who soar to high heights”

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