Departure For Paris Tomorrow!! And 3 Essential Pieces In My Suitcase

I am over the top excited right now!  In under 48 hours I will be in Paris!  Over five years in the planning (or dreaming I should say).  Ever since I took my first trip to Paris over 5 years ago, I have been dreaming about going back.  Not a day has gone by that Paris has been in my thoughts.  How can one place take such a hold on a person?

Paris captures the heart of many.  Everyone has their special place that they dream about.  Some dream about the beaches of the Caribbean, or a little tiki hut in Bora Bora, still some would love the hustle and bustle of Shanghi or Dubai.  Give me the history, quaint streets, cobblestone, style, wine, and amazing architecture of Paris.  It is hard to fully explain and unless you are a true Francophile like me, you will never be able to understand.  That’s ok, there are many of us out there and thank heavens for blogs, websites, and other places where you can connect.

My packing is complete with the exception of the last minute necessities.  Pinterest has been a lifesaver and my go to resource for packing tips.

Down below I share with you my 3 favorite essential pieces that I will be packing in my suitcase  You can find basic pieces everywhere and in every budget.   Note:The Old Navy Tee Dress is now on clearance!!!

Hopefully I will have some time to post updates while I’m in Paris.  Subscribe to my newsletter and watch for updates too!  Next stop PARIS!!!


product photo
Old Navy Tee Dress
Image result for biadani cardigan
Similar to this cardigan I purchased on Amazon
Image result for Cobb hill Nadia
These Cobb Hill Nadine shoes are soooo comfy! These will be my go to shoe. Great support and very cute too!

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  1. Paulette | 13th Sep 16 the shoes! Have a wonderful time in your favorite city! After all you’ve been through you deserve this! And when you come back another new chapter in your life will start. New growth new direction. Take care and stay safe.Love, your Auntie

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