Why You Must Shop Corner Closet In Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Travel and shopping are like peanut butter and jelly to me…they just go together.

There is a reason why I love Cedarburg so much-shopping! I make several trips to this cute town north of Milwaukee several times a year. My good friend Beverly lives in Cedarburg and since her and I both love to shop, many of those visits include a trip downtown to check out the many shops that line Cedarburg’s main street. Being a travel and midlife lifestyle blogger, I love to pass along fabulous little finds.

Cedarburg offers a variety of specialty shops. From clothing, home decor, spices, eco friendly items, artsy things, and a whole list of other items, there is sure to be something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.  Oh, and did I mention candy and chocolate?  Yup, there’s that too.

I have a few favorite shops that I visit when I am in Cedarburg, but I have to tell you about my favorite…called Corner Closet.  If you love clothing and accessories, this is the place for you. My favorite thing is the second half of the store features consignment items.  Now I LOVE a bargain, and when I can find something that I love for an almost next to nothing price, it makes me over the top happy.  Sandy, the owner is quite selective about the items she will take. She only takes in brand name items that are in excellent condition.  Among the brands I spotted while going through the racks are Lily Pulitzer, Chicos, Banana Republic, and J Jill.  Not only will you find clothing items, but Corner Closet has a great selection of gently used shoes and handbags.  I do have to say that many of these items still have tags on them!

That’s my friend Beverly purchasing her finds with Sandy, the owner ringing her up.

I found a ton of things at a bargain price

This week, when I was in the Corner Closet, I found a Chicos travel dress for $25.  It fit me perfectly and one cannot have too many black dresses!  I love the whole Chicos travel line.  This dress is perfect, because I can basically roll it up into a little ball and it will take up zero room in my suitcase. I was also lucky to find a few other Chicos items that fit great and looked great on.  In fact, I found so many things, I had to scale back and pick only my absolute favorites.  I am after all saving for a trip to Ireland next year! 🙂

My favorite consignment finds. Chicos dress and 2 shoulder cut out tops, and a pair of J Jill wedge sandals.

All the while Bev and I were trying on things, Sandy was there like a good friend urging us to come out of the dressing room so she could see how everything looks and offer her opinion!  This made me think how much fun she would be on a shopping trip!

The front of Corner Closet features new items that Sandy hand picks herself from attending trade shows.  Being a girl with a Fashion Merchandising degree (that’s where my love of fashion and shopping comes in), I could have spent all day talking to Sandy.  Although I no longer work in the field, I still love all aspects of the fashion industry. The store is spacious yet has a feel like you are walking into a closet. There are cute displays all over. I love when you walk into a store and you can get a sense of the owners style immediately. There are things for all body types and all age groups.  I did recognize Melie Bianco handbags, which are very familiar to me from the days when I had my own online handbag business and carried them myself.  I loved this whole line for their affordable, and fashionable line of bags.

The front of the store where you can find new items Sandy hand picks herself at trade shows.

Let Sandy help you pick out things from her closet to spice up your closet!

Next time you are in Cedarburg, Wisconsin make a point to stop into Corner Closet.  And if you have never been to this cute little historical town, make it a Wisconsin destination!  There is a reason I enjoy going there.  It’s a great place to visit on a solo trip, or a great girlfriend getaway. Either way, stop in and say hi to Sandy and let her help you pick out some fabulous items from her closet to add some spice to your closet!

Corner Closet  W63N655 Washington Ave, Cedarburg, WI 53012

Phone:  (262) 387-8484

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm

More about Cedarburg here

I received no compensation for this post. I love to share places I love with my readers.  All opinions are totally honest no matter if I receive compensation or not. Thanks for reading and please share on social channels to spread the word!

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  1. Anne Guay | 7th Aug 17


    • Lori Helke | 7th Aug 17

      Thank you Anne!! Have you been there?

  2. Karen Burns | 24th Aug 17

    Looks super cute! I haven’t been to WI for centuries (though I was born there, many years ago).

    • Lori Helke | 27th Aug 17

      You really must come back! So many things to do and places to go!

      • Karen Burns | 27th Aug 17

        You make it sound lovely, I must say. I only remember the farm! And one time my uncle took me to a cheese factory……

        • Lori Helke | 31st Aug 17

          We have a famous cheese factory just 4 miles from my house. The cheese curds are to die for. Plus there is so much more to Wisco than the farm too! 🙂

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