College Move In-Time To Let The Baby Bird Fly

College move in day is just a few days away and physically I may be ready, but mentally, I’m not so sure.  Being a total newbie at this whole college thing, I’m unsure  how I will handle it when we leave the campus on Sunday. I can’t help but feel our daughter has been preparing us all summer for this moment. In the weeks since graduation I have probably had only a handful of conversations with her.  Between working at the library and spending time with friends she has been home maybe a total of 20 minutes (OK I may have exaggerated a tad on that).

Getting ready for college is complicated and expensive.  The stuff they need is unbelievable!  You really don’t think about all the things they use on a day to day basis.  Being the semi organized parent that I am, I wanted to make sure she was well supplied with the essentials up until at least Thanksgiving.  Never mind that there is a Walmart close by that she can easily get to if she runs out of anything.

Some say they will get homesick and as a parent you should resist the urge to pick them up and bring them home when you get that call at 2 am.  This is what I am most afraid of.  You want to run to rescue them because you may miss them, but know you shouldn’t. My heart breaks at the thought of that call.   They will get over being homesick eventually and be just fine.  What do you do till them?  I am hoping she will fit right in and find her way.  She has an incredible roommate.  She’s outgoing, funny, and ready for the college experience.  When I met her, I wanted to be her roommate!

Mostly I am excited though!  Excited for all the opportunities that can open up for her.  I never went off to college, so I guess I’m hoping she takes full advantage of all the good things that will be in front of her.  I hope she gets involved and finds her tribe.  Friends not to replace the ones she already has, but new friends to share things with.  I’m excited to hear all about college life.  What it’s like to live in a dorm and all the things she does.  I will probably have a thousand questions for her after her first week. Going into this new phase of life will be bittersweet.  Hopeful and excited for the future and at the same time sad to see our little bird leave the nest.




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  1. Paulette | 30th Aug 16

    Fly Megan Fly…enjoy! Lori and Rick you will be ok with your new found freedom! Megan will be so busy at first, getting to class, studying and doing all the paper’s she will have to do, and meeting new friends. The first time she comes home I HOPE she doesn’t load you down with 11 loads of laundry!!

    • Lori Helke | 30th Aug 16

      The laundry-probably!!

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