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January 13th 365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

The question for today is:  Where do you want to travel next? My first answer to this question would always be Paris, the city that captured my heart 3 years ago the first time I traveled there.  Paris has always been a fantasy to me.  I love it-every bit of it. But I must say that my actual answer to todays question is going on a cruise to the Western Carribean.  Simply because I AM actually going there next month!  Going to a warm weather climate this time of the year for us Wisconsinites…

January 12th. 365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

January 12.    What’s you favorite fashion accessory? A scarf? A piece of jewelry? My favorite pair of shoes? Yes usually I would say all of the above!  Right now my favorite accessory is my Fitbit!  I wear it ALL the time. I almost don’t even know it is on anymore. I LOVE my Fitbit. It keeps me in line. I know how many steps I take daily, it tells me how many calories I can consume (with the help of My Fitness Pal). It even tells me how restless I am when…

January 10th& 11th.  365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

January 10.  Write down something that inspired you today The fact that I will be living in a swimsuit in a few short weeks when I go on my cruise has inspired me to get fit, eat right, and work out.  Today I went shopping with my daughter and thought I would try on a couple of swimsuits.  Oh boy, if that isn’t a rude awakening I don’t know what is!!! I bought one that I liked, but seeing me in it has strengthened my resolve to live a healthier lifestyle. The time…

January 9th-365 Questions 365 Anwers 365 Days

Just a couple days behind here.  Not bad! During the week I find it hard to post with working and all.  I left off with January 7.   You are lucky; how so or not so? I consider myself an incredibly lucky person. Not in the prize winning sort of way, just lucky in the sense that life is being very good to me.  I have my health, a good job, a wonderful hubby who is funny, caring and gives me the the space to do all the things I love.  A daughter who is incredibly…

365 Questions-365 Answers-365 Days. January 6th

Today’s question January 6.     Today was tough because…… Okay I’m gonna complain about the weather for today’s question.  Yes, I live in Wisconsin-I’ve lived here my entire life, but when you have to climb out of bed to get in a cold car on a cold Wisconsin January, I think you have every right to complain. When I got in my car to leave for work this morning the thermometer in my car read 0 degrees!!! Yes, zero. Seems the older I get the more I…

365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

The last restaurant I went to was called Riverview Restaurant.  This was last Friday night when neither I or my Hubby felt like cooking anything.  Riverview is our hometown diner where the locals gather for the days gossip and a great cup of coffee. Most towns have at least one place like this.  Good home cooked food, great breakfast served anytime, and friendly atmosphere.  So what did I have?  Broiled cod, homemade chicken noodle soup and American fries! Yum yum!  They also make a mean strawberry crepe as my daughter will tell you! Next…

365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

  Today’s question is an easy one! It’s Sunday after all so there a few ways you can answer but here’s mine! January 4. What’s the best part of today? The best part of today is, since it’s Sunday and most people are returning to a full work schedule (including me), is having one more day to rest and recharge. This is especially true for me since I have had one nasty cold/flu the past week. Added is the fact that it is snowy and cold outside so it…

365 Questions-365 Answers-365 Days

    This little book and my New Years resolution to write everyday gave me an idea earlier today.  Starting a blog isn’t always easy. I love to write and wanted to share the things I have to say to the blogosphere, but I don’t always have the easiest time coming up with things to write about. I bought this journal sometime last year and put it in my closet and basically forgot about it till New Years Day when I dug it out and decided to utilize it.  The idea behind this is each day…

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