I’ll Take My Boring Saturday Night Thank You Very Much

Remember when Saturday night was the biggest night of the week?  Most likely at 7:01 on a Saturday night 30 years ago I was busy beginning the hour and a half long ritual of getting myself ready for a night of partying and having fun with my friends.  After those crazy Saturday nights, Sunday would pass by in a hungover haze.

All I can say is thank goodness I wised up and those days are long gone.  These days I much prefer a quiet night at home, maybe with a couple glasses of wine, a book in my hand, watching a movie with a big tub of popcorn, or pounding away on my laptop. Sometimes we have friends over, or we go out to dinner, usually by 11:00 pm we are safely tucked away in bed resting up for full agenda on Sunday.

I love these Saturday nights. They are made for recharging for the week ahead.  Those crazy Saturday nights of the past are best left in the past as a not-always-so-pleasant memory.  They are meant for the young, single, and those who have yet to find what real happiness is all about.

I’ll admit, sometimes I long for those days when life was carefree and the main thing you had to worry about  is which beer to drink or what to wear. Mostly because I  long for a do over. I can’t help but feel that many of those days were a waste.  A waste of a 2 year post High School education. a waste of money spent across the bar, a waste of many self destructive relationships.

Then I remember that ALL our experiences in life shape how we are today.  We take away lessons from each experience and learn from them. There were many lessons to learn from those early days. Some took years to catch on to, but eventually they did.

This is why I love my Saturday nights of today.  Peaceful, stress free, and spent at home with the hubby, the dog, and the cat. Boring? Perhaps, but boring is just fine with me.

Who out there agrees with me?



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  1. Paulette | 4th Dec 16

    I agree!!! I think of all the days I spent hung over , wanting to die! We had our Jammie’s on and glass of wine in our hand watching a movie by 6 pm! We could have walked down to the parade but finished our shopping earlier and thought Mollie was alone too long , so she won we stayed home!

    • Lori Helke | 5th Dec 16

      So glad those days are over!! thanks for the comment Auntie!!

  2. sunainabhatia | 5th Dec 16

    With time and age, our likes and preferences change….What was best then may not be best now….The most important thing is to just enjoy the moment…as you are rightly doing….:) Happy Saturday Nights to you….:)

    • Lori Helke | 5th Dec 16

      You are so right. I love this place in my life. There is something so freeing about not living that lifestyle anymore. Thank you for the comment!!

  3. Jen | 6th Dec 16

    You’re exactly right! Nowadays I’d take a night in over a night out any time!

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