Book Review- Queen Of Your Own Life

If you are in the second half of your life and are looking for a book that is an instant pick-me-up with some great advice, peppered with a little humor, Queen Of Your Own Life is THE book for you!

This little book was recommended to me from a fellow queen, who happens to be a great friend and I am so glad she filled me in!  This book

may be pint sized at 168 pages,  but it is full of ways to find your happiness.  Society fills our heads with the notion that youth is the time of our life when we as women really shine.  The authors Kathy Kinney and Cindy Rarzlaff say not so fast!  The second half of our life is the time in our lives when we have found out who we are and it’s time to let everybody else in on the secret!

It’s all about finding your queen voice, letting go of that inner crone, cleaning your mental closet, building and nurturing close female friendships, and establish boundaries with the people in your life.

I felt myself sitting up straighter and holding my head up higher as I was reading this book. The big lesson I took away from this book was in looking at myself in a kinder way.  The days of being a perfect size 8 are pretty much over for me and I have to learn to let go of the fact that I will never be the size I was when I was 32 years old!

I think one of the most important things in this book is building and nurturing your female friendships.  There is nothing like having a posse (or as the book suggests, ladies in waiting) to laugh and cry with.  I have a small handful of friends who are part of my inner circle that just make me feel good when I am with them. I can count on them for endless conversation and solid advice when I need it.

It is recommended after you finish this book to have a crowning ceremony with your LIW complete with crown, cake, and scepter.  I figure I will have my crowning ceremony next girls outing even though I had a quiet mini ceremony all to myself.  So by all rights I already crowned myself Queen Of My Own life, but heck it will be way more fun with a few friends!

So if you are looking for a book that is big on advice for us older girls with a dose of humor thrown in, this is the one for you.  Plus with its compact size, you can keep it in your bag and refer to whenever that crone voice tries to take over!!

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