Book Review: Between England & Iowa A Year In The Life Of An Emigrating Wife by Kylie Neuhaus

For the traveler in all of us, I’m sure at times we’ve all thought about what it would be like to move permanently to a foreign country. Myself, I’ve often dreamed about what it would be like to actually live in Paris.

But what happens when you meet someone from a foreign country on a tropical vacation, keep in touch, fall in love, get married, and move to that country to begin a new life?

By writing about her first year in the United States from her home country of England, Kylie Neuhaus answers that question in a no holds barred fashion.

A fellow Travel Blogger, I finally met Kylie after chatting with her through social media last April when we both attended WITS 2017, the Women In Travel Summit in Milwaukee. Both being newbies to the travel blogger conference world and both knowing no one, we hung out together that weekend. I was drawn to her story in many ways because #1 we both shared a common bond- neither of our Husbands like to travel and we both do, so most times we are on our own, and #2 I also am friends with 2 other people who have done this same thing by marrying an American and moving to the U.S. from England.

Up until last night when I finished her book, did I realize what a painful journey that first year was for her. At times my heart was breaking as I was reading about her goodbyes to her family as she left her homeland.

I can read her emotions is every detail from the food (her obvious love of ice cream) and quickly finding a job she loves, to her dislike (putting in mildly) of our crazy ridiculous health care system here in the US. Which I totally agree with!

Along with writing about her homesickness and day to day life, she also accounts her first year as a growing travel blogger and all her adventures. We read about her first hosted trip to Kenosha and Janesville, Wisconsin. She also spent an extended period of time traveling this past summer, including a trip home.

I won’t give out too many details about her book. While it was a quick read at 167 pages, I was totally hooked. The excerpts were taken from her actual diary and each chapter is a month by month account of that first year. She is writing from pure emotion and I couldn’t help but want to hug her when I was finished.

As I finished last night I couldn’t help but feel for her Husband Jesse too as I’m sure it is hard on him seeing Kylie unhappy. But as I always believe and I’m taking a line from one of U2’s newest songs love is bigger than anything in its way.

All I can say in closing is I totally admire the bravery of my fellow travel blogger Kylie. The book is fabulous and a great read for all of us who love to travel and have thought about living in a different country. It’s about life in the Midwest and life as a travel blogger.

Pick up her book here

You can also keep up on her adventures on her blog Between England & Iowa

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