Bastille Days Festival In Milwaukee And A Suprise From A Friend

Sometimes the best weekends come on the spur of the moment. Having no concrete plans for the weekend I spent my Saturday morning doing a couple of my favorite summer things. Strolling around the farmers market in Sheboygan and hitting some consignment shops.
First I made my rounds buying some veggies for the week. I don’t know what it is, but everything looks so yummy when you see it laid out on tables. Maybe it’s because someone else is doing all the hard work! The colors, smells, and the fact everything is locally grown is appealing. I went out on a limb and scored some very pretty oyster mushrooms! Too pretty to eat

Next up I was in the mood for some consignment shopping. Being out of work, I have to curb my shopping and spend my money wisely. Plus I LOVE the hunt for great deals! This time I found a like new pair of salmon colored Toms that fit me perfectly! Even my daughter was jealous on that score!

With my morning spent on my own it was time to head home since hubby and I were headed to downtown Milwaukee for Bastille Days Festival.
I already know I am blessed with some pretty great friends in my life. When I arrived home, hubby had said I just missed some visitors. He looked beyond me and I turned around to see a beautiful colorful painting of the Eiffel Tower that my friend Shannon (who is finding herself in the same place I am with our kids heading off to college in the fall) painted for me. I am so in awe of her finding her artist groove now that she is faced with an empty nest. Plus she is super talented! She knows I’ve been going through an unsettling time with losing my job. It brought tears to my eyes. I cannot thank you enough Shannon

So after that it was off to Milwaukee for Bastille Days. It had been a few years since I have been to this one of many festivals in Milwaukee. As certified Francophile, if you can’t actually be in Paris for Bastille Day..this is the next best thing. The attack in Nice last week put a cloud over the festivities, but Milwaukee does it right for all of their festivals. This festival is unique in that it takes place downtown in Cathedral Square. What is the same is the abundant food choices, entertainment, and vendors. Some with a French twist. The gigantic Eiffel Tower replica, wine, Croques Monsier, mini French lessons, and the can-can dancers all make for a feeling you might be in Paris….maybe. I’ll take it! We walked around checking things and listening to bands. Just having spent a day at Summerfest in Milwaukee listening to great bands especially one of my favorites, Garbage, not too many days before, I thought how lucky I am that I am within an hour of so many great places in Wisconsin.
I even picked up a cute tee shirt at the French Alliance de la Milwaukee booth!! I cannot resist sending out bisous to everyone!!

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