I really believe everyone has a story to tell.  That’s why I started this blog/journal of my life and experiences. Being in my 50’s means my life has just begun in some ways.  I’m older, wiser, and I realize I will not be on this earth  forever.

 In 2006 at the age of 42 I realized that it was time to work on my bucket list. I know it sounds crazy because 42 in not really considered old.  The reality was that you just never know what the future holds.

Number one on that list was to go to Paris. Yes, I an a self professed Francophile! I had wanted to go to Paris as long as I can remember.  I always loved fashion and I wanted to see the fashion capitol of the world.  Since money does not grow on trees in my house, I started what became my “Paris” fund savings account.  Every pay period, I had $15 put in that account. It took  five years, but in 2011 I fulfilled my dream of going to Paris on a group tour.  I knew no one on that trip, but quickly made friends. Some of which I am still close with!

I realized the only way to make my dream come true was to go out and grab it!  My life (and I) have changed since that trip and now I try to live my life doing the things I love and spending time with the people who make me happy and enrich my life. Since I love to write, I want to share my journey and hopefully inspire women  go out and do the things they love to do and not be afraid to make their dreams come true.

My goal with this blog is to share travel tips and places to see (especially Paris), books I’ve read that have inspired me, style and fashion tips, coping with facing an empty nest, and inspiration for women over 40 to live their life to the fullest.

My Husband and I along with  our daughter, our dog Zoe, and cat Ginger live in a small Wisconsin town. I am forever grateful to my Hubby for giving me the support and freedom to do the things I love to do. In my free time I’m usually listening to U2 (my favorite band of all time), showing people my Bono tattoo, reading about Paris, planning my next trip to Paris, shopping, spending time with friends, spending the day in Chicago, or just hanging out at home. As a family we love to go 4-wheeling, go on weekend getaways, and watching Shark Tank and The Profit.

 My Family.

Our rescue dog Zoe
Rick and I celebrating our 25th Anniversay
Rick and I celebrating our 25th Anniversary
My hubby and daughter Megan
My hubby and daughter Megan
Megan and I at the Rainbow Rowell signing at YALLfest
Megan and I at the Rainbow Rowell signing at YALLfest








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