About Me

About me

Starting with spending vacations in northern Wisconsin from the time I was a couple months old I’ve had the travel bug. It was not until my first trip to Paris at the age of 48 did I find out how travel could change your life. Paris had always been a life long dream for me and I finally got the courage to go on a tour but going solo. In the span of that week my life opened up to new people and opportunities like never before. Most of all travel has given me the confidence and courage to be the person I never could be in my 20’s and 30’s.

So it is because of that love of travel and my love of writing I decided to make it my mission to share my experiences and offer advice and tips to women just like me. Believe me, if a shy introverted girl from Wisconsin can make her dream happen, so can you!

When I’m not exploring and writing about Paris, you can find me traveling around and promoting things to do in my home state of Wisconsin.

My Husband and I along with  our college age daughter Megan, our dog Zoe, and cat Ginger live in a small Wisconsin town. I am forever grateful to my Hubby for giving me the support and freedom to do the things I love to do. In my free time I’m usually listening to U2 (my favorite band of all time), showing people my Bono tattoo, reading, writing about travel and my midlife adventures, and planning my next trip to Paris.

Oh! The Places I Go…Travel, Books, Life media kit by Lori Helke

Disclosure policy

All content and opinions on this blog are my own unless otherwise specified.   I have received gifts after giving a review and just know any merchandise or compensation I receive will not affect my review or opinion on a product or service. I will always give an honest and unbiased opinion based on my experience.

I do not provide affiliate links at this time which means that if you click on a link in one of my posts, I do not get compensated.

Privacy policy

I will never share or sell any contact information including email addresses to any third parties.  My sole purpose of collecting email addresses is to send out my newsletter to my readers for information and exclusive offers.


My family


Our rescue dog Zoe
Rick and I celebrating our 25th Anniversay
Rick and I celebrating our 25th Anniversary
My hubby and daughter Megan
My hubby and daughter Megan
Megan and I at the Rainbow Rowell signing at YALLfest
Megan and I at the Rainbow Rowell signing at YALLfest









  1. Joanne Therese Johnson | 4th Jul 17

    About 2 years ago, a group of ladies from the Green Bay area, organized a group called, “Women on the Go.” We meet once a month for lunch and discussion. Our main purpose is to connect with other women that need a travel partner.

    • Lori Helke | 4th Jul 17

      This is fabulous! What a great idea. So many times those of us that do not have spouses that travel, or are on our own don’t think we can travel. Truth is, we can go on our own, or find like minded women who are willing to connect and travel together, like what your group does. I love that you have done this!!

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