8 Great Articles To Read About Paris

Looking for a post that contains a bunch of articles on Paris travel so there is less of a need to scour google for info for your upcoming trip?

Well, you are in luck cause I did the work for you! That being said, there is still a gazillion articles on Paris all over the web.  I may not have covered everything here but I hope I helped make your search a bit easier.

Everybody knows there are  lists for the must see things in Paris.  This is not one of them. You probably already know the major sights you want to see. Pssst, secret tip- if you need to make a choice between the Louvre and the Orsay- go for the Orsay!! (Unless you MUST see Mona Lisa) I wanted to offer the out of the ordinary posts that will make you really experience Paris the way it should be seen.

  1. The 10 Best Places To People Watch In Paris-Culture Trip This article gives awesome suggestions for the best people watching places in Paris.  When in Paris, one of the best things to do is to just grab a baguette from your local boulangerie, find a place to sit, and spend some time just watching the locals. It is a lesson in Parisian style, culture, and everyday life. Taking notes is optional, but it is always fun to take a photo or two.
  2. Planning Your Time In Paris One To Seven Days-Rick Steves I will sing the praises of Rick Steves and his collection of travel guides.  In my opinion he’s the best for no nonsense travel tips and suggestions.  If you don’t want to buy his book on Paris, then you can easily read this article and it can help you with hitting the major sights depending how many days you have in the city of light.
  3. Statue Of Liberty Hidden In Paris-French Moments I included this article cause I really never knew about this one and find it very interesting. Everybody knows about the large Statue Of Liberty replica that stands high above the Seine facing our Statue Of Liberty in New York, but this tiny sized lady Liberty makes me want to get on a plane tomorrow and find her.
  4. 9 Best Places To Eat French Desserts In Paris-GPSMYCITY If you have an unquenchable sweet tooth like I do you will find this list a must do.  You cannot go to Paris and not sink your teeth into those cute yummy macarons.  Not only macarons, Paris is a dessert mecca!  You will not be able to resist when you pass by one of these places.  Their window displays alone tempt you with sugary goodness. I highly recommend visiting Berthillion, Angelina for hot chocolate, and have tea at Laderee. Probably 80% of my diet last time I was in Paris consisted of French desserts!
  5. 12 Things You Should Know Before You Visit Paris-Why Go Paris This article is chocked full of practical tips and tricks especially for this first timer going to Paris. There are basics you should know before you enter a country other than your own.  We Americans often go to other countries with the idea that everyone else in the world loves us and thinks just like us.  We have to remember that we are guests and need to act accordingly. Knowing a few words in French and basic French customs can go a long way in the eyes of those “rude” French (which by the way is totally untrue!!!!)
  6. 8 Great Apps For Getting The Most Out Of Paris-Culture Trip First, I want to add an App to this list that is not in this article. It’s call Sidekix.  It is a must have app!  Since Paris is such a walk able city, this app can navigate you to wherever you want to go on foot.  I used it exclusively last September and walked the whole city just by entering where we want to go. The rest of these apps sound like a great idea to have.  Since we are totally reliable on our devices, this is the perfect list.
  7. How To Get Cellular Phone Service In Europe That Won’t Break The Bank-Where Traveler Say you want to download those apps on you cell phone.  You are certainly going to want to do some investigating and take one of the options in this article. An Oh The Places I Go hint- I bought a prepaid sim card for my unlocked IPhone 6  from Cellhire before I left.  Sure it may have cost more, but I had plenty of data for using all those navigational apps and I had it  before I even left the US.
  8. Best Shopping Streets In Paris-Paris Perfect In my mind no compilation of articles on Paris is complete without one shopping article. Paris is a shopping and fashion mecca. Style just oozes from every corner of Paris. Although there are not many bargains to be had in Paris, if you love to shop and are going to Paris surely you have budgeted some money for at least one splurge. I’m a bargain shopper, but always plan one Longchamp handbag purchase when I go to Paris. If you like to go the bargain direction Monoprix is the place to go!  You will find them all over Paris. I also fell in love with the chain Promod last time I was in Paris.  Don’t forget about buying your original Breton stripped shirt at Saint James.


If you are planning a trip to Paris I’m totally jealous.  It is my favorite place in the world and a number one tourist destination for a reason.  Paris is beautiful any time of year. Paris is a perfect destination for young and not so young, for women solo travelers of all ages. Paris is especially a perfect destination for us midlife girls. It is the perfect place to go to just walk and discover.  No need for a minute by minute itinerary.  It’s a place for discovery!

As always, if you enjoyed reading this, spread the word by sharing! Merci!


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