5 Reasons To Visit the Civil War Museum In Kenosha Wisconsin

Opening in 2008, the Civil War Museum in Kenosha tells the story of the Civil War from the perspective of the upper midwest.  This museum focuses on the stories not only of the soldiers who went to battle, but of all citizens and how the war effected their lives during and after the war. The museum is located down on the lakefront of Lake Michigan. One you have completed your tour of the Civil War Museum take a stroll along the lakefront for viewing the North Pier Lighthouse or take a ride on one of the streetcars that circle the lakefront area and visit the Dinosaur Discovery Museum and the Kenosha Public Museum.

I’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why you should visit the Civil War Museum.

  1. The Interactive exhibits-This museum is full of life sized models depicting life at the time. Have a seat on the train with the passengers and listen to their story. Look into replicas of the stores and business of the time. The scenes are so life like, it feels like you are there with them.  There are also many true artifacts behind glass for viewing.  The exhibits flow with the timeline.
  2. The 360 degree movie-“Seeing The Elephant” is the phrase used when soldiers saw battle. It tells the stories of soldiers as they leave home, face battle, and deal with the consequences of war. This 10 minute film is viewed on a state of the art 360 degree screen that keeps the viewer turning to see all parts of the screen. The film was made in the span of 5 days, filmed at Old World Wisconsin in Eagle Wisconsin in July 2013.
  3. Inexpensive-Admission to the museum is just $9 for non residents.  Admission for those 15 and under is free! Totally worth the admission price!
  4. Library and dress-up area-Upstairs you can find a large library and there are costumes hanging to try on for a great photo op. The staff is there to take a photo for you. Even us adults had fun playing dress-up! This was a great way to put a fun spin on the visit.
  5. Tons of events-There is no shortage of events at the museum. From monthly programs, to presentations, and even a model train weekend, there are plenty of events happening throughout the year.
  6. I know I said 5, but I cannot forget the Veterans Memorial Gallery. This memorial honors all US soldiers and veterans. There are artifacts from each war surrounding the gallery. It is a wonderful tribute to all who serve or have served.

    Even for someone like me who isn’t a history buff, I found this museum very interesting. Just walking through the exhibits and imagining what living in that time in history must have been like. Thinking about the lives lost so others could have freedom.  Even though no battle was ever fought in the upper midwest, the Civil War affected many who lived in that part of the country.  Their stories live on here.

    Kenosha is a great destination to visit for a day, or even a weekend.  The Civil War Museum is just one of the great things to do. Check out the Visit Kenosha website for other great things to do!



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