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This little book and my New Years resolution to write everyday gave me an idea earlier today.  Starting a blog isn’t always easy. I love to write and wanted to share the things I have to say to the blogosphere, but I don’t always have the easiest time coming up with things to write about.

I bought this journal sometime last year and put it in my closet and basically forgot about it till New Years Day when I dug it out and decided to utilize it.  The idea behind this is each day a question is asked and you write down your answer.  This journal actually spans 5 years.  Each year on the specific day you answer the same question and you can see how your answers change thoughout those 5 years. Some questions are easy and a one answer type, but others are rather thought provoking.

Anyway, the reason I’m sharing this here is I thought It might be interesting to share these questions and my answers with readers.  You could grab a notebook or a pretty hardcover journal yourself and answer each question of the day along with me! It might be a fun little project and will definitely give me something to write about daily. There may be times when I just can’t write and post here on the daily bases, but I will cover everyday even if I have to do multiple daily questions at once.  I’m guessing there will be times that I will want to write about other things too!  We’ll see how it goes! Either way I’m excited to jump right in!!!

So here goes

January 1.    What is your mission?

My personal mission for this year is to get fit.  I want to work more activity into my life.  Right now I take Jazzercise classes in my town and I love it.  I do walk, but I want to work more activity into my life. This also means to cut out the junk and eat more whole foods and try to cut out the sugar which is like an addiction for me.  And hey, If I can lose 20 pounds in the process I will be doing backflips all over the place. So lookout Fitbit!  You are gonna work for the money I put out for you!!

January 2.    Can people change?

Remember when I said in a previous paragraph about questions being thought provoking?  Yeah well, this is one of them.  Ok here goes.  Yes, I do believe people can change……some things.  Take for instance a pessimist-this type of person may be able to become more of an optimist with lots of hard work and constant monitoring of their thought process, but I think their tendency will always lean toward pessimism. It’s just their personality trait.

January 3.    What are you reading right now?

Unbroken- Laura Hillenbrand     (Great read, just saw the movie.  What an inspiring story!)

The Motivation Manifesto-Brendon Burchard.    (I’m always searching for ways to improve myself!)

U2 The Stories Behind Every U2 Song-Niall Stokes.    (Just cause I LOVE U2!  You’ll find this out cause I will talk about them….a lot)

Usually I just read one book at a time but I’ve been housebound this week with a nasty cold so I’ve had to change it up.

So that’s that for now.  I will post the question for tomorrow ahead of time.  Those of you taking up this project along with me can ponder it.

January 4.  What’s the best part of today?




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