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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Ice Sculptures Everywhere! Carvers Invade Kiel, Wisconsin

Yesterday the Main Street of our small town of Kiel, Wisconsin was hopping. Every year on a cold Saturday in February the locals try out their talents making blocks of ice into artful creations. It’s a big hit here in our small town. Late in the afternoon when all the carving is done you can find people bundled up walking up and down Main Street checking out the sculptures. Some you can easily see what they are meant to be-others, well let’s just say it’s fun to guess! The carvers vary in age…

Slipping On My Resolution Of Writing Everyday

Do any of my fellow begining blog writers have this problem?  You vow to write everyday, every week, or a few times a week but find that you let time slip by and before you know it weeks go by.  That’s me right now.  I let life get in the way. I work full time as a manager and it has been a stressful few weeks there, plus planning for our New Orleans/cruise vacation has taken up so much time that I have pushed something that I love to do to the back burner…

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