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Monthly Archives: January 2015

 “Oh Mom You’re So Weird”

I originally wrote this post this past summer on vacation. It was posted on my previous blog and decided to repost it here.  I was trying to find a way to communicate to my daughter what she means to me even though at times having a teenage daughter can be uh um interesting.  I know it’s a little different from my other posts, but parenting is a journey and one that I am grateful to be experiencing! I just wanted to share.   “Mom, you’re so weird” is a phrase I hear daily out of…

My Favorite Fashion Accessory

Oh dear scarf, how I love you. I can wear you countless ways Around my neck, or on my bag handle You sure do aim to please  Okay I know I am not a poet, but my love of scarves is well known.  I have always loved what a good fashion accessory can do to liven up an outfit.  Really no matter what your clothing budget is, there is always room for a colorful scarf.  You can find them in all different price ranges.  Believe me, I do not own a Hermes…

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