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Are You A Leader Or Follower? 365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

I’m 5 questions behind, so I’m gonna get right into it. Are you a leader or a follower? This one is a tough one for me.  Some people are born leaders and they take the lead in every situation they are in. I am not one of these people.  I am more of an introvert, but given the fact that I am a Manager in my job, I am required to be a leader.  Work is a different entity for me.  After 30 years working at the same place I moved into…

 “Oh Mom You’re So Weird”

I originally wrote this post this past summer on vacation. It was posted on my previous blog and decided to repost it here.  I was trying to find a way to communicate to my daughter what she means to me even though at times having a teenage daughter can be uh um interesting.  I know it’s a little different from my other posts, but parenting is a journey and one that I am grateful to be experiencing! I just wanted to share.   “Mom, you’re so weird” is a phrase I hear daily out of…

January 13th 365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

The question for today is:  Where do you want to travel next? My first answer to this question would always be Paris, the city that captured my heart 3 years ago the first time I traveled there.  Paris has always been a fantasy to me.  I love it-every bit of it. But I must say that my actual answer to todays question is going on a cruise to the Western Carribean.  Simply because I AM actually going there next month!  Going to a warm weather climate this time of the year for us Wisconsinites…

January 12th. 365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

January 12.    What’s you favorite fashion accessory? A scarf? A piece of jewelry? My favorite pair of shoes? Yes usually I would say all of the above!  Right now my favorite accessory is my Fitbit!  I wear it ALL the time. I almost don’t even know it is on anymore. I LOVE my Fitbit. It keeps me in line. I know how many steps I take daily, it tells me how many calories I can consume (with the help of My Fitness Pal). It even tells me how restless I am when…

January 10th& 11th.  365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

January 10.  Write down something that inspired you today The fact that I will be living in a swimsuit in a few short weeks when I go on my cruise has inspired me to get fit, eat right, and work out.  Today I went shopping with my daughter and thought I would try on a couple of swimsuits.  Oh boy, if that isn’t a rude awakening I don’t know what is!!! I bought one that I liked, but seeing me in it has strengthened my resolve to live a healthier lifestyle. The time…

January 9th-365 Questions 365 Anwers 365 Days

Just a couple days behind here.  Not bad! During the week I find it hard to post with working and all.  I left off with January 7.   You are lucky; how so or not so? I consider myself an incredibly lucky person. Not in the prize winning sort of way, just lucky in the sense that life is being very good to me.  I have my health, a good job, a wonderful hubby who is funny, caring and gives me the the space to do all the things I love.  A daughter who is incredibly…

365 Questions-365 Answers-365 Days. January 6th

Today’s question January 6.     Today was tough because…… Okay I’m gonna complain about the weather for today’s question.  Yes, I live in Wisconsin-I’ve lived here my entire life, but when you have to climb out of bed to get in a cold car on a cold Wisconsin January, I think you have every right to complain. When I got in my car to leave for work this morning the thermometer in my car read 0 degrees!!! Yes, zero. Seems the older I get the more I…

365 Questions 365 Answers 365 Days

The last restaurant I went to was called Riverview Restaurant.  This was last Friday night when neither I or my Hubby felt like cooking anything.  Riverview is our hometown diner where the locals gather for the days gossip and a great cup of coffee. Most towns have at least one place like this.  Good home cooked food, great breakfast served anytime, and friendly atmosphere.  So what did I have?  Broiled cod, homemade chicken noodle soup and American fries! Yum yum!  They also make a mean strawberry crepe as my daughter will tell you! Next…

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